Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Cougar’s Concussion Protocol?

You can read about the concussion protocol here.

What equipment is needed?

For ages U3-U7, shin guards are required. Cleats are not mandatory. Players will be provided a club jersey that they should wear to their sessions.

For U8, cleats and shin guards are required. Two Club jersey’s will be provided (home and away) and should be worn during weekend game sessions. Coaches will advise via TeamSnap schedule whether your team is home or away.

For our Travel teams U-9 through U15, shin guards and cleats are mandatory during practice and games. Uniform purchase is not included in the annual fee, and is the responsibility of each individual player/parent. Cleats and shin guards are mandatory also the responsibility of the player/family.

Which program is right for my child?

Info about how to choose the correct program can be found here.

Who are the trainers?

Effective Summer 2021, Elite Soccer Academy is Cougar Soccer Club’s official training partner for all age groups and teams. A dedicated professional trainer attends every practice session and several games.

Who are the coaches?

Parent volunteers are the key to our Club’s success! This is a great way to volunteer in your community – it is very rewarding and FUN! We are always looking for parent coaches so please reach out!

Parent coaches attend all games and manage team communication on and off the field. Parent coaches coordinate with the team’s trainer regarding player development and progress towards each player’s development goals. Each travel team generally has a head coach and assistant coach.

Parent coaches do not need to attend training. Parent coaches for the travel teams are required to take a short online concussion tutorial and it is suggested that they take a coaching seminar.

Parent coaches for Cubs, Mini Kickers, Kickers and Academy are mainly needed to communicate with parents regarding club policies, game schedules, etc. Elite Soccer Academy trainers handle much of the responsibilities during practice sessions and games.

Can parents get involved?

Yes! Parent volunteers drive the club’s success! We need parents to coach, assistance maintaining and lining fields, for picture day, the Memorial Day Tournament and other club activities. Get started by reaching out on our Volunteer page.

What is the Cougar’s tax ID?


When do the teams practice?

The upcoming season’s practice schedules are yet to be determined.