Birth Year Info

US Club Soccer has adopted the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) calendar year age group mandate effective 8/1/2016.

All youth soccer players will be grouped by birth year. At the discretion of the Cougar Soccer Club, players may play up (play in an older age group), but they cannot play down beginning with U9 due to US Club / NCSA league rules.

The 2023-2024 Season age division breakdowns will be as follows:

Players born in this year……will be at this level……in this program
2005U19Boys/Girls Travel
2006U18Boys/Girls Travel
2007U17Boys/Girls Travel
2008U16Boys/Girls Travel
2009U15Boys/Girls Travel
2010U14Boys/Girls Travel
2011U13Boys/Girls Travel
2012U12Boys/Girls Travel
2013U11Boys/Girls Travel
2014U10Boys/Girls Travel
2015U9Boys/Girls Travel