About Us

The Cougar Soccer Club (S.C). is a local community, non-profit soccer program, serving Maplewood and South Orange, NJ. Founded in 1965, Cougar S.C. continues to be self-funded and operated by dedicated, unpaid coaches, parents, committed players, and club alumni. The club has teams of boys and girls ranging in age from 3-19 years of age.

The club promotes youth soccer that is geared for the player who wants to learn, train and play at the very highest levels of competition. Over 10,000 children have trained and played Cougar soccer, and hundreds of coaches and parents have volunteered their time to make every season successful and enjoyable for all involved. Today we have over 300 players on 25 Travel teams, and over 300 kids in the Kickers / Academy program. The Cougar Soccer Club is a member of the Northern Counties Soccer Association, one of the most successful leagues in the state. All Travel teams play in this league.

Our priority is to provide a healthy atmosphere for each player’s physical and social development. The club continues to grow, and with the enormous growth of soccer in our State we hope to continue to maintain our tradition of providing an environment in which talented and committed soccer players can achieve their full potential and compete at the highest levels.

All club players enjoy an inspiring learning experience that allows each player to advance toward their maximum potential while developing successful, long term player development.