Introducing Caroline Moran

The Club is excited to introduce Caroline Moran from UK Elite as our Technical Director which is a new role at Cougar Soccer Club.

The position of CSC Technical Director is one which will focus on player and curriculum review and development to enable the club to put in place a meaningful Long Term Player Development Plan (LTPD).

The Technical Director’s specific responsibilities will focus on:

  • Participates on the Player Development committee
  • Oversee all programs within CSC including;
    • Team Training
    • IDP
    • Rapid (speed and agility)
    • Goalkeeping practices
    • 3rd practice each week for red level teams
  • Coordinate and attend player tryouts
  • Attend team formation meetings as necessary
  • Observe every CSC team play over the course of each season
  • Recommend needed Focus points for CSC players based on the above
  • Review CSC curriculum seasonally
  • Coordinate player evaluation completion twice a year
  • Coordinate Parent Coach and Player Parent Ed events (PCA)
  • Attend Cougar Soccer Club Board meetings
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